We are non-ideological and apolitical. Our governance philosophy is one of compassion, pragmatism and innovation. 


Innovation and Creativity

We will bring in fresh perspectives, adopt innovation processes, empower our employees and build collaborative working environments. 

Empathy and Friendliness

We’re here to serve our residents — to listen to their stories, learn about their struggles and address their needs. 



Apolitical Pragmatism

We will make decisions based on facts, data, test results and compelling arguments, not on political ideology or expedience.


We will challenge assumptions, conduct experiments, test our hypotheses, learn from our mistakes and iterate quickly.



Fiscal Responsibility

We will keep our costs down and our operations lean, and offset the costs of new programs by leveraging outside capital and new sources of funding.

People Empowerment

We will develop a more robust human resources management function, including with respect to recruitment, benefits and incentives, ongoing professional development, performance evaluation and compensation.


Oversight & Accountability

We will publish new performance metrics, enable real-time resident feedback, provide quarterly reports and institute a new Board of Taxpayers to provide feedback on the government’s budget and performance.

Resident Focus

We will design our services and infrastructure around our residents, as well as solicit and integrate feedback on an ongoing basis. 



Long-Term Planning

In addition to implementing immediate city improvements, we will lay the groundwork for a series of transformational longer-term programs and initiatives.

Pace & Efficiency

We will cut down bureaucracy with a leaner organization and we will expedite our workflow by providing clearer objectives and priorities to our employees, adopting more efficient processes and integrating new technology solutions.



Openness & Inclusiveness

We will collaborate with our residents, other cities and the private sector across a range of policy issues and program developments.